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Love. Identity. Foundation. Encouragement. 

About L.I.F.E

"Our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch"  Judy Blume


LIFE's "Legacy Model" is focused on creating solutions that will cultivate a positive impact on generations to come. Realizing sustainability is the key to every successful solution, from speaking to professional development, LIFE solutions will be laced to "Pay It Forward" or "Pass It On." 


LIFE understands that Collaborations & Partnerships fuel Innovation (CPI)! We are committed to finding the most experienced partners, subject matter experts & collaborations to provide you an effective & innovative custom enrichment solution. 


Committed to the 3 pillars; Integrity, Character & Honesty. These are our core fundamentals as a company.  LIFE is dedicated to providing high class, impactful enrichment services through building strong integral relationships. 


Competitive Rates! Willing to prove our impact, LIFE is always willing to negotiate a pilot rate to show the true impact of our solutions. We understand that our reputation in the industry is great, however seeing is believing; in order to have great success we all must believe and commit to the solutions. 


Family culture! Once you become a part of the LIFE Group, you're stuck with us for LIFE! You will be invited to all of our functions, events & workshops! We are committed to your growth & success. 

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