SELTIC HealthCheck

Is your organization, school or community

Social & Emotionally Healthy and Trauma Informed? 


HealthCheck Objective 

SELTIC HealthChecks captures & analyzes Social & Emotional data and provides Trauma Informed best practice recommendation(s) for any Business, Organization, Community Center, School District or Facility in the areas of but not limited to…

Service Outline

SELTIC HealthChecks are the first step to truly buying into becoming a Trauma Informed State. Each HealthCheck runs for a minimum of 10 hours. Size of the population undergoing the SELTIC HealthCheck will determine the maximum number of hours required. 


Each HealthCheck has a “Baseline Data Assessment” which ensures the minimum data levels are collected in order to produce a proper HealthCheck Report; each HealthCheck is customizable to ensure the unique pain-points and successes’s of any demographic are extrapolated. 

What Do We Check? 

  • Social Emotional Wellbeing 

  • Staff & Served Community SE Review/Assessment  
    • ACE Test Administration & Debrief 

    • SE Needs Assessment 

  • Trauma Informed Assessments 

  • Analyze Policy & Procedures 

  • TI Curriculum Assessment

  • TI Pedagogy & Logic Model

LIFE's SELTIC HealthCheck Team provides more than 30 years of SEL/SED &TIC Facilitation, Implementation & Management expertise.  

  • Behavioral Health Specialist(s) & Counselors  

  • Trauma Informed Experts 

  • Ed.D Education Experts & Administrators 

  • Mental Health Consultant(s)

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