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The Village Of Care Network

"A comprehensive, multi-stakeholder, system of care, focused on positively affecting the Pair of ACEs. Adverse Community Environments that lead to increased Adverse Childhood Experiences.

The LIFE Center

Provides a third party community advocate & resource to focus on identifying & developing community champions in the promise zone communities to develop programs, events & organizations to

  • Positively influence community health & re-engagement

  • Reduce violent crime & recidivism amongst juveniles by providing professional development to community champions

  • Provide culturally competent mental health resources to community members & families in The Village.

Data & CommUNITY Incubator

Collecting quantitative & qualitative data from the social & emotional services provided by The Village System of Care (SOC) & provide statistical analysis of the datasets.


Measure the impact of Social & Emotional services provided by The Village SOC and its effect on improving communities by reducing truancy, violent incidents, recidivism rates, & negative community engagement(s). 


We seek to validate the Community Incubator Model & develop new assessment tools, targeted towards “Promise Zones” & communities that share similar characteristics; developing a framework & Standards for what social-emotional services should be implemented. 


In tangent to this analysis, we seek to direct attention to any biased disparities in the data concerning

  • race/ethnicity,

  • gender,

  • socioeconomic status, etc.,


Outcome: Develop workable solutions for dispelling the bias.

Team of Social Emotional Learning & Development Experts called "The LIFE Squad" utilizes sophisticated data-analytics to perform environmental scans to understand the underlying motivating factors of community and human deficiencies or "gaps" in order to create community driven & sustainable solutions.

Solutions Include

DCF Independent LIving

Project Safe Neighborhood - HRBII Grant

Violence Interrupters 

LIFEGoals & Family-Prenuers Programs


"Creating social emotional solutions focused on positively affecting the Pair of ACE's is our contribution to humanity." Kevin Warren

Therapy Sessions
Social Emotional
Gap Consulting
LIFE Coaching, Workshops & Speaking

LIFE Coaches & Experts are focused on providing trauma informed care & social emotional skills, resources & opportunities to communities, organizations & corporations.


Coaching Programs for 

  • youths                                  

  • young adults                       

  • and Parents                         


Providing Culturally Relevant & Competent 

  • Professional Development Workshops

  • Parent Support Groups

  • Independent Living Skills Training

  • Violence Interruption HRBII Coaching

  • Parent 2 Parent & Peer 2 Peer Groups 

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Provide a safe space, LIFEline of support & Mental Health Needs Assessments to families & members in adverse conditions & impoverished zip codes. The LIFE Village Of Care solution provides a LIFE coach, equitable access to new or existing programs & Mental Health resources at no cost to families in promise zones!

This model provides trauma informed care & Social Emotional Learning resources & opportunities to communities, organizations & agencies through its relevant & culturally competent Village Providers.

"A Promising Solution"

The Promise Zone

Culturally Competent & Trauma Informed Resource Center

High Intensity LIFE Coaching Program designed to heal and build the social & emotional foundation using motivational interviewing, cognitive behavior coaching & innovative mentoring/coaching strategies.


Utilizing social determinants trends and Social Emotional Assessments to create custom coaching programming to intervene in high risk behaviors with the aim of stabilization & Mental Illness Prevention.


Target Client: Clients 12-28 & families at risk of mental health illness due to neglect or trauma, being a victim or perp of a violent crime (involving a gun), living in a promise zone, DCF Care and/or DJJ crossover youth.





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