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LIFE Coaching, Workshops

& Development

LIFE Development Events & Workshops

As a leading consulting firm, we believe in creative options and diversity when delivering solutions. We believe that also includes having a diverse pool of amazing speakers and experts to pair with our diverse clientele platforms. 

LIFE Provides experienced, gifted and dynamic speakers that provide amazing energy causing amazing responses. We have speakers on our current roster, or will find and vet a subject matter expert to ensure outcome targets are met. 

LIFE Speaking Roster covers four main areas...

  • Love

  • Identity 

  • Foundation 

  • Encouragement

Intentionally broad, we have yet to find a subject matter or platform that requires a speaker that didn't come from one of the four elements of LIFE.


For booking please contact us below or email us directly at


Speaking rates vary. Videos can be found on our youtube page!

LIFE Empowerment Speakers, Subject Matter Experts & Master Facilitators deliver powerful, culturally competent & effective...

- Leadership Training

- Youth & Young Adult Events & Workshops

- Professional Development Sessions

- Keynotes & More! 

LIFE Groups & 10n1 Coaching

Needing a LIFE Coach does not mean that your life is in shambles. It doesn't just mean that you are so overwhelmed that you need someone to help get you out of the hole. LIFE strives to remove the negative brand of life coaches by targeting those that are on the verge of success but needs another level of coaching in success areas. 

LIFE Coaches are trained and certified in relationship building. LIFE coaches follow the LIFE model of coaching which is focused on providing enrichment to a persons SBS (Self Belief System) by impacting them in the areas of  Love Identity Foundation & Encouragement. 

We provide coaching for but not limited to...

  • Teens & Young Adults

  • Transitioning Adults

  • Professional Leadership 

  • Behavior Remediation 

  • Business & Entrepenuership 

  • Writing & Publishing 

  • Phone & Virtual Coaching

  • Family Coaching

  • Upcoming Athlete 

  • 1 on 1 & Group Session

Professional SELTIC Development

LIFE Offers SELTIC Professional Development (PD) in many different areas. Ultimately, focusing on empowering & equipping those to bridge gaps and build relationships in any setting.

LIFES SELTIC PD Groups & Workshops are as follows....

Social & Emotional 

  • Cultural Competencies & Diversity

  • Classroom Culture 

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Wellbeing 

  • Sexual Harassment & Assault

  • Proper Communication 

  • Conflict Resolution 

  • The Power Of Compassion 

  • Advocacy Communication 

Trauma Informed Trainings, Workshops & Keynotes

  • Triggers & Bias 

  • ACE Test & Administration 

  • Stigmas 

  • Trauma Informed Business & Organization 

  • Trauma Informed State

  • Trauma Informed Faith Community 

  • Trauma Informed Certification 

LIFE provides SE & TIC experts to provide educational training in the following areas 

  • The Science of ACE's 

  • Implementing Restorative Practices 

  • Triggers & Trauma 

  • Trauma In The Classroom 

  • Trauma In The Office 

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